Friday, October 23, 2009

Patterns, not cause and effect

'The laws of physics (ie- cause and effect law) can only be partly applied to the golf (tennis)swing, because there is a living system (human being) gripping (attached to) the golf club/tennis raquet', and the laws of physics cannot be applied to living systems'. SL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steve's Bio


i'm the author of the Mental Golf Power manual, have an undergraduate bachelor of arts degree, the graduate certificate in NLP (endorsed by linguist Dr John Grinder), and am about to commence a sports related Masters degree. I'm the current golf psychology contributor for Golf Australia magazine and am now writing my 2nd book 'The 5 Keys to Sport Psychology Mastery'.

I'm available for one on one habit changing coaching to improve sports performance, and to help people adhere to healthy exercise, dietary and lifestyle habits.

I'm also available for Sports Team Performance Enhancement Consulting, aswell as Sports Team lifestyle habit changing coaching for improved team member health, happiness, and improved Team /Sport PR.

To recruit me, please email

Hope to hear from you soon!


Steve Latham